Friday, May 30, 2008

If you have internet at home, slow it down.

If your internet service provider has options to slow down internet, do so. It will save you money, especially if you don't need super high speed internet.

We have slowed our internet down and it really has not impacted us.

Flatten the toilet paper roll

It's an easy way to save toilet paper. Depending on what your toilet paper dispenser looks like, this may or may not work. We have found that flattening the toilet paper roll before putting it on the dspenser gives the user a little more resistance, and prevents the roll from spinning freely. It also prevents kids, kittens, etc from unwinding your toilet paper all over the place

Welcome to Frugality Secrets

Welcome to Frugality Secrets, where you can be learn to be without anyone knowing that you are.

Being frugal should be part of everyone's lifestyle

Where we come from, frugality has been a way of life since we were children. We would like to share those with you, as well as other ones that we've learned, in the hopes that you will learn to live on less, but have a richer life.

We want to remind you that being frugal doesn't have to be miserable.!

Please share with us your tips and tricks also.


P.S. We hope to 'grade' the impact of these by $, $$, $$$ (where increasing $ means more money saved)

P.PS. Also, don't do anything illegal, dangerous, careless, etc. Our tips should be considered as tips, not law, and should be used wisely.