Saturday, January 30, 2010

Severe, we mean severe coupon stacking

We've been so busy with three kids - no time to sleep or do anything else, including blog.

We came across an INCREDIBLE coupon stacking event today.  We had purchased cereal a few months ago.  It was a buy one get one free (BOGOF) type event on cereal, and we ended up buying a few boxes (around 6 or 8).  The catch was that each box had one free juice coupon, for super expensive juice worth $4.  The cereal was around $2.50 per box.

That was such a sweet deal, but it gets better.

This week, there was a BOGOF event on the juice.  So, we 'bought' 6 juices for a total of $24, but using the coupons we had left (three of them), and the fact that each juice had a free counterpart, we ended up paying a grand total of $0.6 (for 10cent deposit on each carton).  In fact, we get back 5cents per carton, so in fact, we pay only 30 cents for $24 dollars of juice.

...funny thing is that we always have coupons on us in case things like this happen.... but those events have never happened until today.

INCREDIBLE INCREDIBLE.  That was the most extreme coupon stacking episode we have EVER had.  Tell us your experiences!

Friday, January 1, 2010

New application for an old thermos: keep diaper change water hot

Happy new year everyone! We hope that the new year will treat you and your family well financially, health-wise, and opportunity-wise.

We have been so busy over the past few months and have not been able to blog at all. We will, however, share with you some of our new-found ideas for the new year.

We just had our third child less than a month ago and discovered something really neat. We use a cloth to clean the newborn's bum after pooping and we often had to run the water to make it hot. Of course, we would either divert the cold water at the beginning to the water filter or to a bucket to flush a toilet, but lately we've found an even better way.

After taking a shower or using the hot water, we divert extra hot water into a thermos for the evening. That way, we don't have to run the water to get it hot for the diaper change. It simply comes from a hot water line that was already hot, and it's really no extra work. It saves time in the middle of the night, especially if you have to wait for water to get hot.

Happy new year again and all the best -

The Frugalistas