Friday, December 12, 2008

Ideas to save money on the holidays.

Frugal and Fun Gifts

First Posted: December 10, 2008
By Staff

Before you break your shopping budget (or if you already have), remember that a good gift doesn’t have to be a pricey gift. There are many thoughtful and meaningful ways to spread holiday cheer and gifts that won’t put you into debt. Here are some gift ideas to consider:

* a child’s artwork, framed (this works best if the recipient has kids or grandkids)

* home baked cookies or bread (with the recipe)

* a self-made gift basket filled with the recipient’s favorite chocolate bars and candies

* for "her", a gift basket containing a mix of her favorites… favorite soap, bath products, candy, etc.

* for "him", a gift bucket of things he likes… snacks, a selection of beers, car care products etc.

* for kids, an assortment of childhood favorites like a whoopy cusion, sticky hands, "goo", "surprise" eggs, etc.

* a CD/DVD filled with a well-organized library of photos and memories (great for family and close friends)

* a photo album with pictures and quotes

* warm gloves, socks, and hats to fend off the winter chill

* an "emergency" office essentials kit with items like sticky-notes, pens, a stapler remover they can have to themselves, and stamps for the co-worker or small business operator

* customized calendars with pictures you pick out, and reminders about important dates like birthdays and anniversaries

If you're still stumped for ideas, check with others on what gifts they are giving to the person in question. Skis? Well, they might need goggles, ski wax, and other accessories. Some shiny new electronics like a portable gaming system or a new cellular phone? How about a gift pack that includes handy items like screen protectors and an extra set of cables for the office? A useful gift can not only save you money, but shows you put some real effort into picking out a gift!

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