Friday, August 15, 2008

Passports for Kids <1, and replacing it before 3 (in Canada)

We had to get a passport for our son last year and he was very young (<1 year old). You can replace that passport, at no charge, until age 3. Some countries require that passports be somewhat up to date for travel with very young kids.

Here's an excerpt from the Passport Canada Website:

"Children who have been issued a passport in their first year of life (between birth and 364 days) are entitled to a one-time gratis replacement passport. This is in recognition of the rapid change in the features of children of this age. However, the applicant must submit:

  • a new application completed in full and signed by an eligible guarantor,
  • new photographs taken within one month of the date the request for the gratis replacement is received,
  • an original proof of Canadian citizenship,
  • custody documents, if applicable, and
  • the original passport.

The maximum validity period of the replacement passport is three years from the date of issue of the original passport."

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