Saturday, September 6, 2008

Seasonal sales - if you can wait, then wait until the season is nearly over.

Make use of seasonal sales. If you need a BBQ, don't buy it during the start of the BBQ season - buy it after.

I was able to purchase an el-cheapo BBQ for $99 (50% off) a few days ago. It does the job of more expensive BBQs and I can get the satisfaction of knowing that I saved a bunch on it.

...if you BBQ 10X/year, it's $10/BBQ session. If you BBQ with a$600 grill, it's $60/session.... you need to remember taxes and how much work time you spent to get it too!

Anyhow, the cheaper the better BUT buyer beware - make sure you read about what you are buying in case it's a dud. In that case, cheaper really isn't better. Check out reviews and do a google search to find out more about that product.

What else suffers from seasonality?
- gardening supplies
- Christmas, Easter, Valentines, etc - buy things after the events
- BBQs and garden furniture

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