Thursday, September 11, 2008

Winter melon substitute

If you are Chinese, and are in an area where winter melon can't be found easily (i.e. the middle east or far eastern Canada) try this. We just discovered this after all these years, and it's amazing.

Take the watermelon. Carve out the red pulp with a knife. Take the remaining skin (green and white part) and trim off the green bit. You'll have that white bit.

Well, that white bit, when boiled in soup, tastes exactly (99%) like winter melon. In fact, when some relatives were recently over, they taught us this. We were thinking to ourselves: "how many watermelons have we eaten in our lives, and how much skin have we wasted?" The answer: a lot.

Enjoy your watermelon/wintermelon soup!

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Jamie said...

I know this post is like three years old, but I just had to comment and say what an amazing suggestion! I'm sure I would make my Chinese in-laws beam with pride if I could make winter melon soup out of watermelon.