Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dollar store substitutes

These items are great dollar store substitutes. The items are usually sold for more than $1 elsewhere and nobody really cares how much you bought it for.

Toilet plunger? Why pay >1 dollar for it?
Toilet scrub? Why pay >1 dollar for it?
Dish scrub? Why pay >1 dollar for it?

Those sorts of things can be substituted for by dollar store items. For things like this, it doesn't really matter about the quality of the dollar store item. If it ends up breaking, you can replace it. How often does a toilet plunger break anyway?

Anyhow, you decide for yourself. We don't really buy anything else from the dollar store (i.e. we avoid the food) other than household 'grunt' goods (i.e. scrubs, etc).

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