Saturday, December 20, 2008

Do it yourself haircuts - at $200/hour

When my wife wanted to learn how to cut hair, I thought she was joking. Actually, my wife reminds me that it started from a bad haircut that I had..... and she had to fix it.... At that time, she was going to take a $70 cutting course through a local technical college but I didn't think it would ever amount to anything more than an passing fancy.

Several years later, and I realise how much foresight she had. She has been cutting my hair ever since and now cuts our kids' hair as well.

How much time has it saved us? My guess is about 1 hour per haircut (travel time) + 30 minutes of waiting time per haircut. If we also take the amount of money she saves (around $20+tax+tips/haircut, after tax dollars), we gather that we've saved at four years' worth. 48+ haircuts, and at least 6 in a foreign country (UK) at twice the price of a CDN haircut.

So, what is the approximate value of this to our family?


Time = 72 hours

It takes my wife 30 minutes per haircut... and less and less time recently.

She cut our son's hair in 9.5 minutes (he's less than 2 years old). Trip time = 0. Money saved = $25.... at a rate of $157/hour. Pre-tax, that's about $200/hour.

Tell me.... how easy is it to make $200/hour cutting hair?

...DIY hair. Find a course, learn to cut, and save yourself a bundle of time and dollars.

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