Friday, December 5, 2008

Saving space by crushing things

We discovered an interesting trick especially when it comes time to rake leaves or throw of the recyclables. In order to use less bags, especially in the case of recyclables, we simply crush whatever we can so that it takes a less space and we can jam more of whatever it is into the same bag.

This comes in quite handy every fall and we have to rake copious amounts of leaves. Usually rake leaves over several weeks and store them in piles. When it comes time to disposing of these leaves we compost the ones in our backyard and pack our front yard leaves into our green compost container that the city collects. We simply put everything into the green compost container and then use a shovel to pack things in. That way, we save on clear plastic bags as well as the environment.

Is there anything else that you crush that would potentially save space and prevent waste?

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