Monday, December 1, 2008

What if I don't bring lunch to work?

I pack my lunch everyday and haven't deviated from that since I started working. It has saved me countless of dollars and I'm much healthier because of it. But, what happens if I forget my lunch or if there were not enough leftovers from the previous night's dinner?

An easy thing would be to simply go downstairs to the local cafeteria and buy something, but I don't. I resist the urge to splurge.

What do I do instead? Well, there is a local grocery store that is three to four blocks walk away. Actually, it is probably even closer than that. What I end up doing is going there, buying unprocessed fruits and vegetables, and basically having a nice vegetarian lunch. That's what I did a couple of days ago and basically had some fruits for lunch.

Anything that I didn't eat at lunch I simply took home. All of that costed eight dollars including tax.

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