Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Simple bath toys for kids?

It's kind of weird to buy toys for the bath and have them become 'yucky'... filled with old bath water, stuck on with grime. Most of all, they're manufactured somewhere else and you had to use your hard-earned cash to buy them!

We teach our kids skills and the natural properties of fluids subjected to gravity ... or so we'd like to think...

Just take clean yogurt containers (after you've eaten the yogurt) and use them as bath toys. Ditto with plastic cups you get at hotels or even juice or soda bottles.

Better yet, we've drilled holes into them and demonstrated how water flows. Our son loves pouring water back and forth during baths and it has improved his hand-eye coordination immensely.


Anonymous said...

Hi, found you through Tight Fisted Miser. I saved liquid detergent caps for my kids to use in the bathtub. By the time my last one came along, I had a whole basket of different shapes and sizes.

Anonymous said...

Great idea! We'll be trying that!