Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Some tips on saving big bucks while doing your laundry:

1. Use cold water
2. Dose your detergent according to how dirty your clothes are.
3. Chuck the stain removal products- they cost more, are full of harmful products and most stains can be removed with some good ol' fashioned soap and scrubbing before the stains set in or dry.
4. Hang dry the clothes.
5. If you need to use the dryer, you can partially hang dry the clothes first (until just damp) and then toss them in the dryer to get the fresh-from-the-dryer feel.
6. Learn how to iron your clothes. It saves lots of $$ from needing to get them laundered (around $2 per shirt each time)....that's like $10 bucks saved on shirts only in a week!
7. Buy a delicate garment laundering bag - basically like a net with a zipper to close the bag. You can use it to launder delicates and even some clothes that says "dry clean only" on a delicate cycle.
8. Only wash full loads.
9. Buy energy efficient appliances.

We need to work on #9....but of course, we'll only buy it if it's on sale. :)

Happy laundering!

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