Friday, March 12, 2010

Unused Nalgene Bottles?

Do you remember how there was a point in time several years ago when we disposed of all our Nalgene bottles (and the like) because it was leeching bisphenol A into our drinks?

Well, while we were able to get refunds for some of our bottles, we still have several of them sitting in our cupboards and we aren't using them- at least not for drinking purposes!

With two toddler boys who are toilet trained, I found that my trips out with them could only be around 1 hour long so that they don't wet themselves, as it is difficult when you are in any store to bring three young children into the bathroom. We have had them pee several times in the van into old cups or even just on ground beside the van when they needed to 'go'.

Well, we found an even better solution- we just designated a pee bottle (a small Nalgene bottle) that we tote around. Now we can pee them anywhere, discretely and most importantly, without worrying that someone will spill the pee!!! It's made my life a whole lot cleaner and easier because it's SO convenient! We come home and dump the pee, rinse and use again! we just have to label the bottle "pee"...and we don't have to worry about bisphenol A leeching into pee....

Any other ideas on how you use your old Nalgene bottles??

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