Sunday, May 9, 2010

Price matching

When we need something, we always look for a good deal.  This time around, we needed a new washing machine.

In order to get one, we waited and waited for a deal to come up - it sure did.  We google searched for them on and noticed that someone had pricematched them at a department store.  We ended up doing the same thing and purchased the set for cheaper than any price that has been advertised in the past two years (even lower than boxing day).

How?  The store we bought at was the most expensive; however, they had a price match + 10% of the difference.  The difference was huge, so it worked out in our favor!

Score one for the Frugalistas!


pinkchampagne said...

Have you seen another great swapping site for womens and kids clothes?

My whole wardrobe is becomming Swop2Shop!

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