Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dead dead dead batteries

We use batteries until they are dead.... not just registering on the battery indicator as dead, but really really dead.

What do we mean?

When batteries (AA, AAA) are dying, they lose their voltage a bit (i.e. drop from say 1.5 to 1...whatever volts). Using this voltage difference equipment, like thermostats, detect that you need to change the battery. We basically take those batteries that have been deemed 'dead' by very 'mission critical' devices (like thermostats) and put them into less mission critical items such as children's toys. We even put "dead" batteries into low-voltage requiring items like wall clocks and find that they still keep ticking along - often for months, without losing time.

So, this is how you prevent AA, AAA batteries from being thrown out prematurely and decrease the environmental hazard. In addition, we recycle the batteries at the local depot so that they don't end up in the landfill. does pay to be frugal, and the benefits can also save the environment.

(Yes, we do have a huge stock of NiMH batteries too. We bought those at firesale prices when The Source had a sale a few months back.)

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