Monday, December 8, 2008

When you shop, just wait.... to get the killer deal.

We always keep a list of things to look out for when we shop, but we never buy on the first go-round. That is, if I need a poncho, say, we keep looking for a poncho everywhere we go. If we see one, we just simply note its price and decide to return if it is the cheapest.

We never ever just end up buying the first item that we see that fulfills the criteria of what we are looking for unless it is on sale. Certain stores have 'on sale' items that are still more expensive than other stores' regular prices! Beware! As soon as we have priced out the competition (this can take a few weeks, depending on how often we go to the mall/stores), we simply go back to that store with the best deal to pick up the item ONLY if we happen to be in the area. We never make special trips just go 'shop.'

If we're looking for electronic gear, we go to places like or if we are looking for across-the-board deals, we look on the forums at We also take advantage of pricematching that can occur with electronic stores, and say or another online retailer. We always factor in shipping as well.

By using some of these techniques, we get the best prices and we usually know of killer deals out there.

It's the impulse shopping that causes you to spend more than you need to. It's the patience that allows you to get the deal. It's all in the 'hunt'.

Overall, don't buy anything that you would otherwise not need or would toss in a garage sale 5 years later due to its trendiness!!

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