Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Don't unwrap all your toys at once!

You have to realize that kids nowadays have a certain attention span. This attention span is definitely quite short and it is hard to maintain interest in things.that same concept applies to toys.

Whenever we receive toys for kids or purchase them we don't let them play with them all at once. The reason is that kids will lose their interest in the toys and they will simply sit and clog up space in the house. What we do is we give them a portion of a toy set [say, one car out of a set of five cars] and as we notice them gradually lose interest, we open up portions of other toys.

We've been doing this with gifts and purchases so that the kids stay interested in toys because they're new all the time! It's also good for clutter around the house because we don't have the cleanup multiple types of toys and reassemble things that they've disassembled. Plus, a lot of toys nowadays contain batteries and we really don't have too keep watch of which toys have that are dying.

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