Thursday, December 4, 2008

Save those jars! Save the environment!

When you buy some sauces to cook with they often come in jars. You can either through these jars out for recycling or you can keep them-we choose to do the latter.

So what do we use those jars for? Well, we buy ketchup, oyster sauce, and other sauces in bulk because it's much cheaper to do so. We go through so much of those sauces that buying them in small quantity isn't a very smart idea. Instead, we buy in bulk quantities of the sauces and split up the quantity between the various jars. We then put those jars in our fridge. When it comes time to using the sauces, we simply spoon them out.

So what we actually save? Well, it's the price differential between buying many small quantities of sauce versus one large container. More importantly, however, it is the fact that we have a lower footprint on the environment because we don't go through many plastic containers to use the same quantity of sauce. By the way, once the sauce is done we re-wash the jar.

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