Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Potty training kids earlier - saves diapers

We're proud to announce that our son, at the age of 22 months, is fully potty trained.

He says 'pooa' when he needs to pee and poop now.

In fact, he's been pooping in the $3 potty we got him when he was 6 months old (bought the potty in the UK for 1.5 quid). [sidenote: we bought 2 potties - one for upstairs, one for down]

Most kids use 4-5 diapers/day, if not more. After 6 months, we were down to 2-3/day, and for the last year, we were at 1/day. The last 2-3 months, he's been at 1 diaper/2-3days or less. Most of that was from catching his poops (earlier) and (recently) from catching both.

It's amazing how much we've saved. Each diaper is approximately 25c each (100 diapers for 25 dollars). Let's say we average a 4 diaper savings per day... x365x2years.... = $720

It's a bit of change! The rate of return on the $3 is enormous! Plus, our kid is much happier.

You ask how? Just look at 'diaper free' or 'diaperless' on google and find out. Save money, save the planet (these things don't degrade easily), and saves on cleanup (we like the last reason the best).

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