Friday, February 20, 2009

Rationing Desserts

Is that even possible? I was born with a VERY sweet tooth and I love to bake all kinds of desserts. I start getting the shakes if I don't have homemade goodies around the house to snack on. :O) Having only two adults in the household, we are usually really spoiled by having an abundance of desserts around (why do recipes always make 1 WHOLE pie or 3 DOZEN cookies??) Simply too indulgent and fattening!

We've been freezing leftover cookies and pieces of pie and cake so that we can take 'em out on a rainy (or in this case, dessert-less) day. Once thawed, they are as fresh as can be...and you can even cheat and put some cookies back in the oven to freshen them up! It's easy as pie!

It makes sense to ration our desserts because we either get sick of them (that rarely happens) or we feel like we need to stuff our faces with them before they go bad.

(...mmm I just finished a piece of homemade pumpkin pie that I made in Oct.)

Here's to sweet eats!

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