Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thank you for dropping by!

We've had some significant increase in blog traffic over the past couple of weeks. We just want to thank you for stopping by for a visit. The intention of this website was to empower the common person to take their finances seriously, live within their means and also have a small financial footprint.

It's quite scary now with the ever-worsening economy to think that if you lost your job you would be moments away from financial destruction. By living a life that is frugal, you can save more of the money you earn have a much happier life and potentially get off the treadmill of needing to work to sustain your family.

Right now we've dropped off our blogging frequency just a bit because we are really busy; however, we intend to maintain this blog into the future because we feel this is helpful information for everybody.

The Frugalistas

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