Tuesday, March 17, 2009

itty bitty leaves

Update on my seedlings:

So some of the seeds have germinated and have peeped through the vermiculite with the first set of leaves. I transplanted them (take them by the leaves and dig down with a pencil to lift the root) into a seed starter mix in a homemade six pack transplant container.

I am so proud that I devised my own six/four pack transplant container this afternoon. We've been saving the plastic pints (for berries, grape tomatoes, etc) that have the holes on the bottom and attached lids. What I did was cut the lid off with the scissors, then proceed to cut the lip off the lid. I cut the lid lengthwise so I had two long strips. For one of the strips, I cut two slits equidistance from the ends (half way up the width) and for the other strip, I cut it further into two pieces and make one slit half way up the width in the middle of each half.

I basically built a soil/root divider (you slide the shorter pieces up slit to slit onto the longer piece to create 6 partitions or 4, depending on the size of your container) and fill with the seed starter. I dug into each partition with my pencil and planted the sprouted seed in the middle.

I'm no gardening expert so you can read on other websites how to continue...

Another idea that I'll try next year is to sprout/germinate my seeds in egg cartons next year. You basically poke holes on the lid and bag it to keep the moisture in. We go through maybe two egg cartons a week so I have plenty sitting in my garage!

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