Sunday, March 15, 2009

Large eggs? Extra large eggs? Small eggs?

An egg is an egg is an egg.

Do you notice that when the recipe says 'one egg' they don't say 'one large egg'? You certainly don't notice them saying 1.15 small eggs, 1.0 large eggs, or 0.98 of an extra-large...

Well, an egg is simply a 'fixed' quantity unit. So, why not just buy the large eggs (regular size) rather than extra large? ...the same argument, applied to small eggs, is different. Small eggs are quite small compared to 'large' eggs.

...what ever happened to 'normal' eggs? (well, they've been rebranded 'large'... or so we think!)

We asked the same question too, and stopped buying 'extra' large eggs. After all, an egg is an egg is an egg. You won't notice the difference in volume anyway.

Most recipes imply large eggs anyway, so buying extra large doesn't make sense!

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